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Grades One, Two & Three

Recommended websites for primary students.

Science & Technology, Grade 1:

Needs & Characteristics of Living Things

National Geographic Kids
Toronto Zoo

Materials, Objects, & Everyday Structures
How to Identify Materials
Everyday Structures

Energy in Our Lives
States of Matter

Daily & Seasonal Changes
PlayKidsGames - Seasons

Science & Technology, Grade 2:

Growth & Changes in Animals
National Geographic Animals
San Diego Zoo Animals

Simple Machines Game
PBS Kids ZOOM games: Goldburger To Go!

States of Matter
States of Matter

Air & Water in the Environment
EEK - Environmental Education for Kids

Science & Technology, Grade 3:

Forces Causing Movement
Magnet Game: How to be a Millionaire

Strong & Stable Structures
Structures: Building Big

Growth & Changes in Plants
The Great Plant Escape

Soils in the Environment
The Earth's Soil - Geology

Social Studies, Grade 1:

Our Changing Roles & Responsibilities
I Am Unique

Local Community
Build a Neighbourhood
Make a Town

Social Studies, Grade 2:

Changing Family & Community Traditions
Winter Celebrations

Global Communities
Connect the World
Explore the World!

Social Studies, Grade 3:

Communities in Canada, 1780-1850
Acadia, Lifestyle in the days of our ancestors
Great Upper Canada Adventure
Pioneers in Upper Canada
Virtual Museum of Canada

Living & Working in Ontario
City Creator
Types of Communities