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Grades Four, Five & Six

Recommended websites for junior students.

Arts, Grades 4, 5 & 6

Canadian Artists & Painters
Classics for Kids
DSO Kids
Google Cultural Institute
Group of Seven Biographies
Medieval and Renaissance Instruments
New York Philharmonic Kidzone
Perspectives: Women Artists in North America
SFS Kids Fun With Music
Virtual Museum of Canada
Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra

Health, Grades 4, 5 & 6

About Kid's Health
CAMH Resources for Teachers & Schools
Canada's Food Guide
Canadian Olympic School Program
Kids Health
National Institute on Drug Abuse
Nourish Interactive - Nutrition Games for Kids
S-Team Heroes
Scrub Club

Language, Grades 4, 5 & 6

Canadian Folklore
Communicating Ideas Using Posters, Newspapers, Comics
Dance Mat Typing
Forest of Reading
Guys Read
Media Smarts

Mathematics, Grades 4, 5 & 6

Cyberchase - Math Games for Kids
Interactivate - Activities
Math Frog
Math Live
Math Practice
Mathies: Interactive Electronic Supports
National Library of Virtual Mathematics
Platonic Solids

Science & Technology, Grade 4:

Habitats & Communities
Biomes of the World
Biomes Tour
Enchanted Learning's Biomes & Habitats
Species at Risk Public Registry
Toronto Zoo
Wilderness Classroom
Wildlife in Canada

Rocks & Minerals
BBC - Rocks and soils
BBC - Rocks and soils - Sarah Jane Adventures
The Earth, Inside Out
Interactives Rock Cycle
Learning Zone - Minerals
Learning Zone - Rocks

Pulleys & Gears
Wonderville Robot Factory

Light & Sound
Science of Light
Wonderville - How We Hear

Social Studies, Grade 5:

First Nations & Europeans in New France & Early Canada
About Canada
The Atlas of Canada
Canada Kids' Stop
The Canadian Atlas Online
Canadian Museum of History
Dictionary of Canadian Biography
Explorers' index from Collections Canada
Explorers (listed alphabetically)
Explorers (listed by date)
Explorer Biographies
Four Directions Teachings
Games of the Plains Cree
HBC Heritage - Young Explorers
History of the Inuit
Images: Canadian Museum of Civilization
Iroquoian longhouse
Languages and Songs of the Iroquois
Library and Archives Canada
Métis Buffalo Hunting
Métis Farming
Native Watercraft
North American Indigenous Games
On the Path of the Elders
Our Ontario
Vikings - BBC
Vikings - the North Atlantic Saga
Virtual Museum of Canada

The Role of Government & Responsible Citizenship
Canada's System of Government
Canadian Symbols
Important Days in Canada
Legislative Process In Canada
Parliament of Canada
Parliament of Canada Symbols
Political Parties of Canada

Social Studies, Grade 6:

Communities in Canada, Past & Present
Acadian Family in Daily Life
Before E-commerce
Canada's Immigration History
Chinese in Canada
First Nations People and History
From Blacksmiths to Blackboards
Immigration Stories
Kids' Site of Canadian Settlement

Canada in the Global Community
21st Century Challenges
CIA World Factbook
FairTrade Foundation
Imagineaction - Social Justice Program
Infoplease - Countries of the World
National Geographic - World Closet
Trading Around the World